品牌: Hoefner
型号: HCT-TP-BK 累计评价: SpecificationSPECIFICATION SHEETInstrument:Thin President  HCTModel:HCT-TP-R. HCT-TP-BK, HCT-TP-SBCategoryTermDescriptionPart No.BodyShape16" JazzWood TopArched SpruceSoundhole Traditional F-Hole (2)Wood BackArched - MapleWood SidesMaple - 46mmBinding TopBinding BackBinding SidesCreamCenterblockYesNeckWoodMapleConstructionTwo PieceHeadstock ShapeHofner TraditionalLogo and ArtworkScript & TorchNeck JointHofner Traditional Set NeckJoint At14th FretThickness Neck + FB At 1st Fret22mmThickness Neck + FB At 12th Fret24mmHeel CapFingerboardWoodRosewoodScale25 1/4" / 64.3cmNut Width44mmWidth At 12th Fret52mmInlaysDotsBindingCreamSide DotsYesNumber Of Frets20BridgeMaterialChromeTypeTunamaticFinishTopSunburst, Black, Transparent RedBodySunburst, Black, Transparent RedNeckSunburst, Black, Transparent RedHardwareTunersSingle NickelTuner ButtonsPearlTailpieceBigsby VibratoNut MaterialBonePickguardPickup NeckHofner full size humbuckerPickup BridgeHofner full size humbuckerPotentiometer KnobsBlack / GoldElectrics2 x Volume, 2 x Tone, 3 way selector switch.StringsSetupAction Bass String at 12th Fret2mmAction Treble String at 12th Fret1.3mmAll Specifications subject to change 天猫积分:

Höfner was established in 1887 by Karl Höfner who was followed by two of his sons and his grandaughter in developing the company into a world leading instrument manufacturer. Today we are the largest manufacturer of stringed instruments, guitars and basses in Western Europe exporting products throughout the world through our extensive distributor and dealer network. 

We are located at Hagenau, Bavaria, Germany and also at Beijing, China. Our workshops employ many highly skilled craftsmen who hand build many of our product lines. We employ traditional methods together with cutting edge technology in order to produce world class instruments and set ourselves extremely high quality standards. We may be one of the largest in Europe but we are still small enough to be individual and we think that matters. We have no production lines and no robots, but we do have workshops. Yes we have machinery, but we design and build most of that ourselves. We are proud that everyone at Höfner knows one another, that we all work together, we all solve problems together and we develop our products together. We are proud that our staff stay with us for years, often for a lifetime. Hofner has always been a family affair and remains so today.

Our electric guitars are used by some of the most discerning professional players who demand quality, tone and playability. Our Violin Bass has become one of the world's iconic guitars and remains, after 60 years, as the preferred bass guitar for many, from those starting out to seasoned professionals. Our electric guitar product line has expanded in recent years to accomodate those who aspire to owning a classic brand but at an affordable price. We have achieved this through our "Contemporary" and "Ignition" lines of instruments, built using classic Höfner design and quality but offered at a price point that enables everyone to experience the thrill of playing a Höfner guitar.


The Höfner Thin President, first produced in the 1950s, has become famous for its elegant shape and superb tone. Now available in the Höfner Contemporary series it offers you a great semi-acoustic guitar with a long heritage.

The Contemporary model is fitted with full size Höfner humbuckers that deliver full on tone letting you use this guitar for a wide variety of styles from blues through to full on heavy rock. With a solid spruce centre sustain block you achieve even more sustain, better volume and less feedback. The genuine Bigsby vibrato is used in combination with a roller bridge for perfect tuning and playing. With a spruce top, maple back and sides this is the perfect alternative semi-acoustic guitar.

Available in Hi-Gloss Black, Sunburst and Transparent Red.



Instrument:Thin President  HCT
CategoryTermDescriptionPart No.
BodyShape16" Jazz
Wood TopArched Spruce
Soundhole Traditional F-Hole (2)
Wood BackArched - Maple
Wood SidesMaple - 46mm
Binding Top

Binding Back

Binding SidesCream
ConstructionTwo Piece
Headstock ShapeHofner Traditional
Logo and ArtworkScript & Torch
Neck JointHofner Traditional Set Neck
Joint At14th Fret
Thickness Neck + FB At 1st Fret22mm
Thickness Neck + FB At 12th Fret24mm
Heel Cap

Scale25 1/4" / 64.3cm
Nut Width44mm
Width At 12th Fret52mm
Side DotsYes
Number Of Frets20
FinishTopSunburst, Black, Transparent Red
BodySunburst, Black, Transparent Red
NeckSunburst, Black, Transparent Red
HardwareTunersSingle Nickel
Tuner ButtonsPearl
TailpieceBigsby Vibrato
Nut MaterialBone

Pickup NeckHofner full size humbucker
Pickup BridgeHofner full size humbucker
Potentiometer KnobsBlack / Gold
Electrics2 x Volume, 2 x Tone, 3 way selector switch.

SetupAction Bass String at 12th Fret2mm
Action Treble String at 12th Fret1.3mm

All Specifications subject to change

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2018 - 01 - 17
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This Brazilwood Hofner bow comes with a round stick and a  nickel-silver mounting. There is a half lined, ebony frog and a single eye with a mother of pearl slide. Genuine selected Mongolian horse hair is used.
2018 - 01 - 17
价格: hoefner
The Ignition (HI) series offers you the chance to own a piece of history even on a tight budget. This model has a fully hollow body combined with Höfner 70's style 'staple' pick-ups to give the authentic Höfner sound. It is of course fitted with the famous Höfner control panel, this has on/off for each pick-up, solo/rhythm switch and individual volume controls. Lightweight and with its short scale (30") neck it is a pleasure to play, even for hours without getting back-ache and fatigue.This bass comes at the perfect price point for players requiring the cla...
2018 - 01 - 17
价格: Hoefner
Handmade in Germany.So affordable yet so good!The anniversary edition of one of our long term bestsellers. Solid spruce top, mahogany body and wafer thin matt finish. This guitar has a truly great sound and is easy to play.65cm scale and 50mm nut width.
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该公司是德国领先高端运动服装品牌之一,专注于冬季运动服装,但也有一系列的户外和休闲流行服饰。该公司规模相当大,销售额大约2.5亿欧元,EBITDA约为5000 万欧元。收购价格可能等于其年销售额。
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该巧克力生产设备制造商产品包括:清洁分级设备、储备罐和筒仓、烘干机和研磨机。标的公司已经开发出小规模的巧克力加工机械的完整产品线,在连续工作过程中的吞吐量高达100 kg/ h。除了完整的加工厂,标的还提供安装生产机械设备及维修等服务。该标的公司正在破产保护下。
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该公司的品牌在全德国享有高的知名度,主要客户是德国最大的超市连锁店。 标的公司的销售额约为220万欧元,EBIT为70万欧元。
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该公司拥有著名的消费品牌,生产与销售生产食品补充剂,尤其维生素。销售:零售渠道,产品目录以及报纸广告。标的公司的销售额1500万欧元,EBIT是300 万欧元。
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德国重型卡车、挂车和半挂车的系统模块和组件的领先制造商,是重型卡车,挂车和半挂车的系统模块和组件的领先制造商。主要产品包括连接部件和拖车接头或离合器系统,挂车起落架,被迫转向系统。客户包括戴姆勒、曼、斯堪尼亚、沃尔沃、帕卡、一汽、塔塔和卡玛斯和施密茨,Cargobull、科格尔、Krone、Randon、CIMC、Utility Trailer和Wabash。重点是在西欧和东欧的市场,而且在中国,...
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2016 - 08 - 24
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2016 - 08 - 24
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