型号: BF-400 累计评价: Weight (kg)3.800Width (mm) A 3.600Depth (mm) B 2450Height (mm) C 1.700Feeding height (mm) 480Depth below 0 (mm)- 300Slope degree (°)+/- 15Traverse side hub (mm) 300Paving width (mm) 0 - 2.000EngineKubota Diesel watercooledPower (kW/PS) 16,5 / 22Wheels8 x Vulcolan heavy dutyHot asphalt belt - 180° CBelt speedhydraulically adjustableAdapter for push equip. hydraulically adjustable 天猫积分:

Astec Mobile Machinery GmbH, located in Hameln – Germany, a part of Astec Industries Inc., is the sales and service center of the groups mobile machinery program in Europe.

ROAD WIDENERAstec Industries, Inc. was founded in 1972 with the vision to apply creative thinking and state-of-the-art technology to traditionally low-tech industries, bolstered by a corporate culture renowned for putting customer service first.  Based in Chattanooga, USA, the Astec Industries, Inc. family of companies has become a global leader in the manufacture of equipment for asphalt road building, aggregate processing, oil, gas and water well drilling and wood processing, among others. 

With a strong and competent team and a comprehensive dealer network, we guarantee fast supply of spare parts and the extensive product lines of Astec Mobile Machinery, Roadtec, Peterson and Telsmith.

ROAD WIDENEROur program includes, for example, Astec’s popular Road Widener BF 400 for hard shoulder work, maintenance and repairs of roads and farm roads and, of course, road widening.

Roadtec, with its extensive line of pavers and screeds, has a paver for every requirement.  These machines are the most reliable and maintenance-free in the industry.  

High performance cold planers provide the optimum balance between horsepower, production and maneuverability and are the most versatile milling machines available.

ROAD WIDENERRoadtec’s Shuttle Buggy® offers the latest in pavement placement technology, and with this technology comes a highly improved life span and high quality of asphalt material.  The Shuttle Buggy® is an essential machine for modern road construction work.  Its unique anti-segregation system re-mixes asphalt material to produce a consistent size and temperature.  The industry-wide problem of asphalt segregation is eliminated.  

The Astec Group is highly committed to the industry to produce innovative, high quality equipment and unequaled parts and service support.  


The roadwidener BF 400 can be used for road widening, shoulder work, maintenance and repairs of roads and farm roads. All different types of soil, gravel, asphalt and lean concrete can be placed with the BF 400. Our conveyor belt is made with a special linen structure and it is heat resistant up to 180°C. The road surface level functions as a reference for the material placement. Down grade, height and width can be adjusted by hydraulically.


The new Generation of road widener: BF 400

ROAD WIDENERThe roadwidener BF 400 is the most suitable machine to carry out all road side Jobs more economically and in shorter time than any other equipment. Investment costs are low. Any wheel loader can be used, preferably not below 80 kW. The roadwidner is easily connected by an adapter plate with the pushing machine. No additional power is necassary. Arrived on the Job site the road widener is ready for work within a few minutes. The conveyor belt pushes the material directly to the road side. Simple and economical and the operator controls the flow and volume.

ROAD WIDENERThe BF 400 weighs 3.8 tons and is a heavyweight with perfect stability and a high lay down capacity of 400t/hr. Practical and versatile. Low maintenance intervals and from time to time a retension of the conveyor belt is required. The roadwidener BF 400 is fitted with a powerful, watercooled 3-cylinder Kubota Diesel engine and a Sauer Danfoss hydraulic System. All functions are fully hydraulically. The best choice to push and steer the roadwidener is a wheel loader, reachtruck, tractor or similar. The operator of the road widener BF 400, is well seated on the side of the maschine, all hydraulic levers are in easy reach, a perfect view to the working area to control the material flow, the degree of inclination +/-15 degree, underfloor and above floor paving, in other words he is close to the action.

ROAD WIDENERThe material hopper of the BF 400 is wide enough to receive all sizes of trucks. Hydraulically extendable truck pushing rollers adjust easy to different truckbed bodies. The hydraulically extendable screed has a working width from 0-2.0 m [optional 3.0m] and can also pave 300 mm below surface. Depending on the layer thickness the laydown speed is between 15-50 m/min. Many contractors around the world see the exceptional advantages of the BF 400. A multitalent machine for drive ways, road extensions, road side banks, cabel canal fill backs etc.

  • Weight (kg)

  • Width (mm) A 

  • Depth (mm) B 

  • Height (mm) C 

  • Feeding height (mm) 

  • Depth below 0 (mm)

  • - 300

  • Slope degree (°)
    +/- 15

  • Traverse side hub (mm) 

  • Paving width (mm) 
    0 - 2.000

  • Engine
    Kubota Diesel watercooled

  • Power (kW/PS) 
    16,5 / 22

  • Wheels
    8 x Vulcolan heavy duty

  • Hot asphalt belt 
    - 180° C

  • Belt speed
    hydraulically adjustable

  • Adapter for push equip. 
    hydraulically adjustable

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2018 - 01 - 29
SB-1500 : At a GlanceThe Roadtec Shuttle Buggy® material transfer vehicle SB-1500 features a low weight and narrower wheel base. It can store up to 15 tons (13.6 mt) of asphalt mix, allowing haul vehicles to unload as soon as they arrive.  This substantially reduces trucking costs. The SB-1500 features an end dump hopper or an optional windrow pickup head.  It also features the patented anti-segregation auger which remixes materials for control of aggregate and temperature segregation.Important BenefitsNon-uniform compaction, raveling and stripping can be traced back to temperat...
2018 - 01 - 29
The roadwidener BF 400 can be used for road widening, shoulder work, maintenance and repairs of roads and farm roads. All different types of soil, gravel, asphalt and lean concrete can be placed with the BF 400. Our conveyor belt is made with a special linen structure and it is heat resistant up to 180°C. The road surface level functions as a reference for the material placement. Down grade, height and width can be adjusted by hydraulically.The new Generation of road widener: BF 400The roadwidener BF 400 is the most suitable machine to carry out all road side Jobs more economically and in...
2018 - 01 - 15
价格: 博世
博世齿形带: 用于驱动凸轮轴和喷油泵安静运行的博世齿形带可保证在整个使用寿命内保持同步动力传输。齿形带、张紧辊、滚轮和导辊承载巨大的负荷,因此必须由专业人员按照建议的间隔全部更换。为实现快速专业的更换,博世可向车间提供包括齿形带和水泵零部件的实用套件。ESI[tronic],来自博世的专业诊断软件,提供了针对各种车辆的详细说明,可节省宝贵的车间维修时间。博世齿形带具有极佳材料特性:- 针对特定发动机的橡胶共混以及有安全保障的传动带设计- 运行平稳,舒适感良好- 低延展性玻璃纤维受拉构件- 针对特定发动机的齿形轮廓,实现出色动力传输- 带锦纶纤维罩,提供出众的齿形保护
推荐产品 / Products 产品设备
  • 发布时间: 2016 - 09 - 06
    Braun Series 9 对皮肤特别温柔体贴,运用SyncroSonic™科技 - 每分钟40,000次的转动。自动识别胡子的生长,并相应调整。钛涂层,耐用,防锈。贴合面部轮廓,10种方向运动。100%防水,可以在洗澡淋浴下使用。         另外配上世界上唯一的5种功能清洗器:卫生消毒,充电,保养,选择清洗程序,干燥,一键搞定,每日如新。
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    LIMBO-追求极致质量 铝镁合金打造的坚固外框,加上轻巧聚碳酸酯制作的耐用外壳,散发出闪亮的银色光芒,配合优雅的铝材面貌,Limbo系列的设计确实深具独特个性,以高科技的元素渗入所有细节。若您对旅行箱有极高要求,经典的Limbo系列就是您的完美选择。 Limbo系列旅行箱的嵌入式杠杆密码锁,采用了独立调整的密码和TSA技术,能严密保护旅行箱内的贵重物品。其他特点包括有助沉重旅行箱轻松移动的Multiwheel®系统、能让旅行箱直接扣上另一个旅行袋,方便运送的附加袋支持装置,以及旅行箱内可调节高度的分隔板结构,可按照需存放的物品数量而调整,令一切物品安放于适当的位置。 Limbo系列更有多项精致的额外设计,表达出非凡质量,例如手提电脑箱特别设有手提电脑和电线袋;商务旅行箱拥有间隔分明的储物空间;化妆箱则拥有可以巧妙分开不同化妆品的存放格,而公文箱也可以将各式各样的配件用具分开存放。 全新的伸缩杆不设长度间隔,令旅行箱任何时候均可以轻松拉动;独特的铝材护角,能保护旅行箱免因撞击而受损。 灵活的分隔结构,设有实用和可调节高度的分隔板,令一切井井有条。 新增款式:Multiwheel® 商务旅行箱外貌色彩炫目,内里空间充足,可存放大量商务文件。 时尚、硬朗、坚牢:Limbo系列的化妆箱设有透明的化妆...
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    MAGNETOM Spectra 3.0T磁共振是西门子新一代的数字化磁共振成像设备, 具备聚能舱Direct RF内置射频技术,在获得优异影像的同时保持较低的特异吸收率;第四代Tim全景矩阵技术和Tim TX TureForm适形技术,可以获得优异的信噪比与均匀度,让患者获得全方位关爱的同时提高医生的诊断信心。 1. 多部位的临床应用:包括但不限于头颈、脊柱、心脏、腹部、血管、骨关节等多部位磁共振影像的采集。2. 稳定的射频系统: DirectRF 射频内置技术,将发射线圈和放大器集成在磁体中,通过实时反馈环路实现高射频稳定性,连续采集5分钟的频率稳定性高达±2 x 10-10,对于数据的可信度提供有力保障。3. 优秀的图像质量:TimTX Trueform适形技术,针对特定身体部位,获得优异的信噪比与均匀度。4. 较高的患者舒适度:70cm大孔径磁体设计,不但适用于肥胖患者,并利于放疗定位等应用;同时系统长度(含外壳)仅为173cm,短磁体大孔径的设计提高患者的扫描舒适度,减少了患者幽闭恐惧症的发生。5. 靶向匀场技术:为进一步提高图像质量,除了常规三个一级线性匀场通道外,特别增加了5个非线性匀场通道进行磁共振主动匀场,实现特定病人的自动个性化匀场。
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    极致的骑行享受BMW G 310 R 崇尚最纯粹的骑行乐趣。专为身处动感大都会的骑行爱好者们量身打造,操纵灵活、极易上手,同时还实现了运动性能的完美平衡。无论身材如何 – BMW G 310 R 都能带给您轻松自在的舒适体验!该款车型采用轻量化设计,但核心马力仍采用了 313 cc 发动机,动力十足。新款车型同时兼顾安全性和可靠性,让您纵情驰骋于城市与乡间。G 310 R 在延续 BMW 摩托车精髓的基础上,略微减少了气缸排量。以最佳品质、精湛工艺和卓越技术,为您带来极致的骑行享受。 传承经典个性外观G 310 R 融汇了 R 系列个性分明的外观设计 – 完美继承了 S 1000 R 的基因血统。该款车型配备强劲大灯、运动型整流罩、动感油箱装饰设计以及经典的街车造型,绝对让您赚足回头率。G 310 R 因其活力的前脸和独特的后部设计,集轻盈、强悍于一身。后部降低了座椅高度,搭配白色车身,勾勒出经典的摩托赛车外观。再加上电镀金色前叉及制动蹄,更彰显了该款车型的卓然品质。  另一大亮点即为精细的铝制后摇臂设计,轻型车架和减震支柱相辅相成,兼具轻量化和稳定性。同时加宽轮胎,提升抓地性能 – 从而确保骑行乐趣。 更轻、更强劲、更易操控G 310 R 从未停止对更先进技术的追求。恰恰相反:该款车型采用了复杂的创新技术,再次引领改革风潮。其中,最为受人瞩目的就是单...
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2016 - 08 - 24
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该公司是德国领先高端运动服装品牌之一,专注于冬季运动服装,但也有一系列的户外和休闲流行服饰。该公司规模相当大,销售额大约2.5亿欧元,EBITDA约为5000 万欧元。收购价格可能等于其年销售额。
2016 - 08 - 24
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该巧克力生产设备制造商产品包括:清洁分级设备、储备罐和筒仓、烘干机和研磨机。标的公司已经开发出小规模的巧克力加工机械的完整产品线,在连续工作过程中的吞吐量高达100 kg/ h。除了完整的加工厂,标的还提供安装生产机械设备及维修等服务。该标的公司正在破产保护下。
2016 - 08 - 24
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2017 - 02 - 07
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2017 - 02 - 07
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该公司的品牌在全德国享有高的知名度,主要客户是德国最大的超市连锁店。 标的公司的销售额约为220万欧元,EBIT为70万欧元。
2017 - 02 - 07
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该公司拥有著名的消费品牌,生产与销售生产食品补充剂,尤其维生素。销售:零售渠道,产品目录以及报纸广告。标的公司的销售额1500万欧元,EBIT是300 万欧元。
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2016 - 08 - 24
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德国重型卡车、挂车和半挂车的系统模块和组件的领先制造商,是重型卡车,挂车和半挂车的系统模块和组件的领先制造商。主要产品包括连接部件和拖车接头或离合器系统,挂车起落架,被迫转向系统。客户包括戴姆勒、曼、斯堪尼亚、沃尔沃、帕卡、一汽、塔塔和卡玛斯和施密茨,Cargobull、科格尔、Krone、Randon、CIMC、Utility Trailer和Wabash。重点是在西欧和东欧的市场,而且在中国,...
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2016 - 08 - 24
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2016 - 08 - 24
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